Nose surgery is one of the most performed procedures among aesthetic operations. There are many people who have it done for aesthetic purposes as well as patients who cannot breathe easily. A lot of questions arise in mind about such a preferred procedure. At this point, the answers to all the questions that come to mind are in our article. If you want to have nose surgery consciously, you can find answers to all the questions in your mind in our article.

It is possible to solve congenital deformities or deformities such as accidental injuries with nasal surgery. Thanks to the developing medicine and technological innovations, the shape and tissue disorders that occur on the surface of the nose or in the inner parts are corrected by nose surgeries. The general size, shape, length, size, bone structure and tip area of ​​the nose are made aesthetic by nose surgery.

What are the methods used in rhinoplasty?

The most used methods in rhinoplasty surgeries are;

Will there be pain after nose surgery?

Although nose surgery is small in area, it is a surgical procedure as a result. Since you will be under the influence of general anesthesia during the procedure, you will not feel any pain. However, after the operation, a slight pain may be felt as the effect of anesthesia wears off. At this stage, since the patient will stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days, he takes drugs intravenously and does not feel pain. In the next stage, painkillers can be used if needed.

Can breathing problem be solved with nose surgery?

Since some patients have breathing problems, the enlarged nasal meats that cause the problem are removed, so a solution to your breathing problem is found. In the same operation, you can have nose surgery for aesthetic purposes if you wish.

Are the face and eyes very swollen and bruised?

After all intermittent surgical procedures, some bruising, swelling and edema are experienced. While this process is normal, it will pass over time. After an average of 10 days, there is no bruising and swelling.

Does the nose drop after the operation?

It is normal to experience a slight drop in the tip of the nose with the entry of edema after nose surgery. If you want an upturned nose, you should share this expectation with your doctor before the operation.

What if I don’t like the nose surgery?

Nose surgeries are procedures with a high success rate in general. However, in some cases, problems arise if the right specialist and experienced doctor is not selected. In order not to experience such a problem, you should make your choice well. However, if you have had a problem, it can be solved with revision surgery.

Who gets nose surgery?

People who are suitable for nose surgery;

Who can not have nose surgery?

Those who are not suitable for nose surgery;

Which doctors do nose surgery?

Even if there is more than one opinion on this subject, in the essence of the matter, plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists who have adequate training and dexterity in this field can perform nasal surgeries.

How long does recovery take after surgery?

After a successful operation, the patient stays in the hospital for a maximum of 2 days and is discharged, and continues his social life in an average of 15 days. It may take about 12 months for the nose to take its final shape.

What should be considered after nose surgery?

Things to consider after your nose surgery;

When will the tampon and plaster come off after nose surgery?

Thanks to the developing medical techniques, the use of tampons is not required in some cases. Information on when to remove the stitches, plasters and tampons used after nose surgery;

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