The oldest recorded information about plastic surgery is based on a medical document from ancient Egypt. Here we talk about fixing a broken nasal bone. As we can understand, the application of plastic surgery dates back to ancient times. Today, it is at a much more advanced level with developing medical and technological innovations. Recently, many plastic and aesthetic surgery operations have become popular, as aesthetic concerns have increased. Rhinoplasty, face lift, operations that regulate the body form, applications for rejuvenation are among the most preferred procedures. Apart from the aesthetic perception, medical disorders that could not be treated in the past, perhaps causing losses, are treated thanks to the developing technology. Plastic surgery should not be thought of as consisting of aesthetic concerns. Thanks to the developments in plastic surgery, problems such as injuries caused by burns, extra fingers, cleft lip, which prevent many people’s daily life, find solutions thanks to plastic surgery.

What Is Plastic Reconstructive Surgery?

Plastic surgery or plastic reconstructive is the name given to any surgical procedure performed to reconstruct a part of the body, replace and treat the damaged area. Plastic surgery, or plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery with its full name, is a branch of surgical medicine that covers reshaping of various damaged structures on the body, removal of tissue losses and all aesthetic operations.

The word “Plastic” means molding or forming and is of Greek origin. The word “Reconstructive” is of Latin origin and means to make again.

What Is Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery?

Plastic surgery comes to mind when it comes to aesthetic surgery, but aesthetic surgery is a side branch of plastic surgery. Aesthetic surgery, also called cosmetic surgery, covers an average of 20% of plastic surgery. Although aesthetic concerns are at the forefront, aesthetic surgery is a medical intervention, for example, in some nose aesthetic operations, bone curvature or cartilage tissue disorders due to the patient’s difficulty in breathing are corrected during the rhinoplasty operation, as well as the aesthetic appearance.

Aesthetic surgery may not always be performed. When it comes to aesthetic surgery, surgeries that leave scars and incisions should not come to mind. Filling, stem cell applications or laser applications are also procedures that should be performed by aesthetic surgeons and dermatology specialists.

What Is The Difference Between Plastic Surgery And Aesthetic Surgery?

What Are The Sub-Branches Of Plastic Surgery?

Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery:

It is carried out more with aesthetic concerns rather than a vital problem. It is applied to increase the aesthetic perception in a certain part of the face and body and to harmonize it with other limbs. Its main purpose is to achieve a healthy and personalized natural beauty.

Hand Surgery:

Hand surgery, which is a surgical procedure that requires expertise, is related to issues such as congenital or acquired deformities, ruptures, repair of tendons and nerves, treatment of attached or extra fingers and severe burns.

Micro Surgery:

Microsurgery is operations performed under a microscope with microsurgical instruments. Thanks to the suturing of very small vessels and nerves, it is possible to restore the function of the severed limb or tissues and attach them to their place.

Craniofacial Surgery:

Craniofacial surgery is the process of correcting congenital or acquired problems and deformities in the skull bones.

Maxillofacial Surgery:

Maxillofacial surgery is about repairing bones in the face area. For example, it includes operations such as forward or backward removal of the jawbone, bone fractures in the face, congenital facial clefts.

Endoscopic Surgery:

Endoscopic surgery is performed without opening large incisions, using an instrument with a camera called an endoscopy.

What Are The Plastic Surgery Treatment Areas?

What Are The Areas Of Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Surgery?

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