Permanent solution of hair loss due to stress, environmental factors and genetic predisposition is provided by hair transplant operations. With the development of technology, hair transplantation methods also develop over time. DHI hair transplantation method, which is the most recently applied and frequently preferred by both women and men, can be given as an example. Unlike other methods, the recovery period in the process, where both hair root seeds are collected and planted without waiting, is very short compared to other methods. With the method that provides a permanent solution to hair loss without shaving, especially for women with hair loss problems, muscle patients find a permanent solution to hair loss without experiencing psychological and aesthetic concerns. People over the age of 18 who do not have diabetes, blood pressure, no chronic disease, cancer, AIDS, hepatitis C, etc., can have DHI hair transplant operation. Hair transplantation is not performed for those who have had hair transplantation 3 times before and have not achieved permanent results, those who do not have enough and healthy hair follicle seeds, and those under the age of 18. Those who have a DHI hair transplant operation can have natural and permanent hair after 12 to 18 months.

What Is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI is the process of collecting hair root seeds and transferring them to the bald area without waiting, with the help of a medical pen called a special choi, by a specialist in the field of hair transplantation. With this hair transplant method, which has attracted attention thanks to the advantages it has provided in recent years, faster healing and permanent hair is obtained. In this method, which is frequently preferred due to its more comfortable application, it is very easy for patients to return to their daily lives as the recovery period is shorter.

What Is Choi Medical Pen?

The special choi medical pen used in the DHI hair transplant method has a very thin pointed tip. Thanks to this special structure, the hair root seed is carefully taken from the donor area and placed on the bald area to be transplanted by applying light pressure to the bald area with the help of the same medical pen. Thanks to this special-tipped medical pen, the grooving process applied in other methods is not performed. In this way, those who have hair transplantation experience a faster recovery process.

Hair Transplantation Previous Preparations

As with other methods, there are some points that should be considered before performing a hair transplant operation in the DHI hair transplant method. What you need to pay attention to before the operation;

DHI Hair Transplantation

DHI hair transplantation method consists of certain stages. The stages in the DHI hair transplant method, which has fewer stages than other hair transplant methods, are;

  1. Preliminary interview and first examination: at this stage, the person who decides on hair transplantation provides an interview with the specialist. At this point, he should clearly state his expectations from hair transplantation. It is discussed whether there is a health problem that prevents hair transplantation, and if there is no obstacle, photos of the patient are taken before and after and reflected in the digital environment. The appearance after the estimated operation is designed in the digital environment and the patient’s approval is obtained.
  2. Making the necessary analyzes: At this stage, the necessary blood is taken from the patient and measurements such as pulse and blood pressure are made. Patients who do not have an obstacle to the hair transplant operation move on to the next stage.
  3. Determination of the hairline: In the first examination phase, a physical drawing of the hair style is made, and the specialist determines the boundaries of which areas to apply hair transplantation. This stage is very important after the operation.
  4. Local anesthesia application: At this stage, while the hair follicle seeds are collected and planted, the area to be planted is anesthetized so that the patient does not feel any pain and pain. Pain or pain is not felt throughout the procedure.
  5. Hair root seed collection: It is the stage of collecting healthy hair root seeds from the donor area anesthetized with local anesthesia. The donor area is usually determined as the spill-resistant nape area. With the special medical choi pen, the seeds of healthy hair follicles are carefully collected.
  6. Placement of hair follicles: The difference of DHI hair transplantation method emerges at this stage. In other methods, the collected hair follicles are kept in special solutions and placed in the opened channels, while in the AHI hair transplantation method, the collected hair follicles are placed with the help of the same medical pen, without opening the channel, by applying light pressure to the area to be transplanted. Placement of hair root seeds is the last stage of DHI hair transplantation method. This process takes an average of 10-12 hours.

What Are The Advantages Of DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation method is a method preferred by women as well as men. In this method, there is no shaving obligation as in other methods. In the DHI hair transplant method, since the channels are not opened thanks to the special medical pen, there is no necessity to shave and the healing process is shorter because there are no cuts. In this way, you can return to your normal life without being too far from your social and business life. It is a very relaxing method, aesthetically and psychologically, especially for female patients who do not want it to be obvious that they have had a hair transplant and do not want to have their hair shaved. Since the hair follicles collected during the DHI hair transplantation process are transferred without waiting, the transplanted hair follicles are healthier.

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