Dental Aesthetics

Dental and oral health is one of the most important issues that affect people’s body and mood. Dental health problems are sometimes quite painful. Those who have problems with their teeth in terms of aesthetics are psychologically unhappy. Those who cover their mouths with their hands while laughing or who try to laugh without showing their teeth as much as possible experience psychological unhappiness. The solution of the problems experienced in the teeth or jaw in the mouth in terms of health and aesthetics is possible with dental aesthetic applications. You can easily solve your existing health and aesthetic problems in cooperation with an expert and experienced physician and his team. For those who cannot be comfortable while laughing, a life with lots of laughter is offered thanks to smile aesthetic applications. Those who have to have their teeth extracted due to toothache and cavities do not have to live with missing teeth. Those who have misalignment of the teeth or have gaps between the teeth can permanently get rid of these problems with leaf porcelain, clear plaque or braces treatments. It would be the right choice to have dental aesthetics in order to look at life with a happy smile.

Dental aesthetics are operations that aim to give an aesthetic appearance to tooth loss and disorders in tooth alignment due to genetic factors or accidents. Thanks to dental aesthetic operations, which are often preferred by those who are not satisfied with the structure of their teeth visually and psychologically, people become more confident and happy. Those with healthy and aesthetic teeth smile more comfortably. Those who do not want to hide their teeth while smiling, have dental aesthetics to correct existing disorders. Over time, tooth loss due to aging, genetic and environmental factors, or the darkening of the teeth, the disorders in the tooth alignment are corrected with dental aesthetics operation.

What Are The Stages Of Dental Aesthetics?

In addition to aesthetic concerns, it is possible to achieve aesthetic and healthy teeth with dental aesthetics operation, which is applied to solve health problems. There are certain stages when having dental aesthetics. The order of these stages is;

To Whom Is Dental Aesthetics Applied?

Dental aesthetics is a preferred method for solving problems in the mouth and jaw area that completes the physical development of the jaw and bone structure. Apart from health problems, dental aesthetics are performed due to aesthetic concerns. Those who want to beautify their smile, those with yellow teeth, those with missing teeth, and those with irregular tooth alignment have dental aesthetics to solve these problems. Those who have completed their jaw and tooth development over the age of 15- 16 can have healthy and aesthetic teeth with dental aesthetics.

Things To Know Before Having Dental Aesthetics

In order to achieve the expected and imagined result after dental aesthetics, there are points to be considered before the procedure is applied. If certain points are not taken care of, you may not have the expected aesthetic teeth. Points to be considered are;

The Most Applied Methods In Dental Aesthetics

The procedures performed in dental aesthetic applications are completely determined according to the needs of the people. The most preferred methods in health-related procedures;

Dental Implant Practice

Dental implants, which are among the most applied treatment methods in the field of dental aesthetics, are applied as a solution to decaying and accidental tooth loss. With the replacement of the missing tooth, the tooth alignment is completed and the teeth are prevented from slipping, and the deficiency is completed in terms of aesthetics. Missing teeth are completed with these implants, which adapt to human health and tooth root area with special materials. In order for the dentures used in the loss of all teeth in the mouth in some patients to hold on to the palate, a bridge is applied to certain points with dental implants.

How Long Does Dental Aesthetics Treatment Take?

It is not correct to specify an exact time for how long dental aesthetic applications will take. The treatment methods determined according to the needs of the people have different application periods. There are dental aesthetic procedures performed in a single session, as well as dental aesthetic procedures lasting 2-3 sessions or days. This period completely depends on the treatment method you need. While leaf porcelain application lasts for a single session, dental implant treatment can take up to 10 days. Procedures such as teeth whitening are applications that should be done on a regular basis.

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