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Rhinoplasty surgeries can be performed after the age of 18 in men and 17 in women. These surgeries not only provide the nose with an aesthetic appearance, but also eliminate some problems such as breathing difficulties. One of the most striking areas during social communication is the nose. How the nose looks affects the image of the person. For rhinoplasty, people often prefer the natural look. In order to achieve this appearance, procedures such as nose lifting, nose rasping and arched nose correction can be applied. Before these surgeries are performed, the nose can be seen in 3D, making it easier for the person to decide.

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Recovery in rhinoplasty surgery is not immediate. It takes at least 1 week for people to return to their normal lives. It would not be right to enter social life before this period. After the surgery is over, plaster and bands are placed on the patient's nose. Plaster and tapes are removed after an average of 1 week.

There may be unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgery. The main goal in surgeries is to achieve a result that is compatible with the patient's face, looks natural and fulfills its function. The success of nose surgery depends on many different factors, such as the experience of the physician. Every surgeon may not have enough knowledge and experience to perform successful nose surgery. People who have had nose surgery before may want to have a nose surgery again in order to correct unsuccessful results. Patients become more anxious when they want a second nose surgery. However, it is possible to correct unsuccessful surgeries.

Rhinoplasty surgery takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. If the surgery is secondary or more complicated, the duration may be longer. In order for the patients to be comfortable, anesthesia may be required before the Rhinoplasty surgery.

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