The upper part of the nose is covered with skin, while the lower part consists of cartilage. It is one of the factors that form the basis of our respiratory system. This organ, which is important for our body, can disturb us both visually and in terms of breathing due to some structural or deformities. Nose aesthetic surgeries, which make our lives easier with developing medical and technological innovations, are the right way to solve our existing problems.

Rhinoplasty It is a surgical operation method that allows the shape and structure of the nose to be shaped more appropriately for the face. With rhinoplasty, the general size, length, width, width or shape of the nostrils can be adjusted to suit the face. You can solve your health problems or aesthetic concerns with rhinoplasty.

Planning for rhinoplasty surgery

Nose aesthetic surgery is a method of changing the bone, cartilage tissue, skin layer separately or all three. During the control, it is determined how to make a change according to the patient’s personal wishes and the needs of the nose structure. The structure of the skin layer in the nose, the face structure of the person may not be suitable for the special wishes of the people, at this point, you should make the right decision together with your doctor, whom you trust. One of the most important factors in rhinoplasty is choosing the right specialist. Working with a specialist who will understand your demands in the most accurate way and will guide you correctly will be your biggest supporter in your rhinoplasty surgery process and in the next process.

First of all, after deciding on rhinoplasty surgery and choosing the right specialist, the pre-examination process is experienced. In this interview, the medical history of the individual is revealed. The most important question the doctor will ask is about the person’s wishes and goals for surgery. At this stage, in order for the visual to be satisfactory after the rhinoplasty surgery, your wishes and goals should be expressed in a completely honest way, and the patient should explain in detail the visual or health problems related to his nose. After making sure that all demands are understood correctly, the necessary examination is performed and rhinoplasty surgery is planned. Your doctor will give you all the details and information about the planned surgical process. During this examination, a comprehensive physical control is performed, along with the necessary blood tests and other laboratory tests of the patient, and the internal and external structure of the nose will be examined, as well as the general structure of your face. During this examination, the structure of the nose can be photographed and an idea of ​​how the estimated nose will look after the nose surgery can be obtained with computer support. After the necessary controls and analyzes are made, the requests and demands are agreed upon and the nose surgery planning is completed and the people who do not have a situation that prevents this operation will be performed on the planned date.

How is nose aesthetics done?

Rhinoplasty operation does not have sequential stages like other surgeries. It is completely oriented in the direction of the patient’s own anatomy. How the operation will be is determined according to the patient’s condition and it is decided whether it will be local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia according to how complicated the operation will be.

Sedation, local anesthesia is used to numb a certain area, it is not preferred in major surgeries. General anesthesia, on the other hand, is a method preferred in major surgeries where the patient is completely asleep. In this method, the anesthetic drug is given to the patient by intravenous or respiratory route.

While the patient, who is anesthetized with the method determined by the doctor, is in deep sleep, the specialist starts the procedure by making a small incision in the inner or outer part of the nose in line with the planned rhinoplasty operation. Open or closed surgery can be performed as the doctor deems necessary. Depending on the bone and cartilage structure of the nose, the progress of the operation is determined.

What are the methods of rhinoplasty surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery, like many other surgeries, has many different methods in line with the needs. Your doctor will decide which method is most suitable for you. These methods give different answers to different needs, you can determine the right method for you and get the necessary information from your doctor. Some of these methods are;

Before rhinoplasty surgery

There are some points that should be known before having rhinoplasty. Obtaining and paying attention to these information prevents you from experiencing any problems before and after rhinoplasty. What should be considered before rhinoplasty;

How long does rhinoplasty take?

Since rhinoplasty operations cover a smaller area than other surgeries, they are also shorter operations in terms of duration. It may differ according to the structure of the nose, the anatomy of the person and the method applied. Closed rhinoplasty surgeries are generally 2.5-3 hours, and nasal aesthetic surgeries performed with open method can take 3-3.5 hours.

Some revision nose surgeries that require cartilage removal from the ribs may take longer.

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