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We offer the best hair transplant services in Turkey for you.

What Age Is Hair Transplantation Performed?

In order to apply the hair transplant procedure, the individual must be 18 years old legally. However, the rate of hair loss and the stages of shedding should be taken into account. The hair transplant procedure applied to patients under the age of 30 whose shedding still continues, may result in the possibility of shedding again in the following years.

What Is Hair Transplant Success Rate?

The success rate of hair transplantation procedures performed by a specialist is high. This rate has increased even more thanks to the fue and dhi hair transplantation techniques developed in recent years. 10% of the transplanted hair can be shed, this is normal, but if this rate increases, the hair transplant is an unsuccessful procedure.

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What Is DHI (Choi Medical Pen) Technique?

The difference of the DHI hair transplant method, which has been preferred especially by female patients in recent years, from other methods is that it can be applied without shaving. Hair follicle seeds collected from the donor area with a medical pen called a special choi are transferred to the balding area with the help of the same pen. In this way, the biggest advantage is that hair transplantation can be performed in small and large areas without shaving.

How Long Does The Hair Transplant Procedure Take?

The hair transplantation process may differ from person to person and according to the size of the area to be transplanted, as well as according to the method applied. In general, it can take between 6 and 10 hours, while in some cases it can be delayed to the 2nd day.

Is There Any Pain During Hair Transplantation?

Since the area to be transplanted and the donor area are numbed with local anesthesia during the hair transplant operation, no pain is felt during the procedure.

From Which Region Are Hair Follicles Taken?

The correct and most preferred donor area is the hair in the nape area, which is the most resistant to shedding. This area should be preferred for hair transplantation to give permanent results. However, in some cases, the sides of the head can also be selected as a donor area for hair transplantation.

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Is Hair Transplantation Permanent?

Hair transplantation performed by experts is done to provide the most natural look in line with the technique applied. The hair transplantation process performed by the expert person and team looks natural.

The hair transplantation process performed by the right technique and experts is permanent. However, in some cases, people may experience shedding again as a result of the diseases they have and the drugs they use. In addition, even if the hair loss phase is not completed before transplantation, shedding may occur.

Anyone who does not have a disease that prevents hair transplantation in the doctor's examination and analyzes is suitable for hair transplantation. In addition, people with sufficient donor areas are suitable candidates for hair transplantation.

The maximum number of grafts, namely hair follicle seeds, that can be taken from a person is between 8,000 and 10,000. However, it should be noted that this number is the total number of hair follicle seeds that can be taken from a person throughout his life, so using it in the first planting causes the graft to be planted in case of a second planting. Considering that there are areas of hair flow that differ from person to person, it would not be correct to say a certain number. The number of hair follicle seeds to be planted is determined in line with the experience of the expert and your expectation.

After hair transplantation, swelling, small scars and slight pain are felt for a while, and these will go away after a while.

In hair transplantation operations performed with the right center and specialist, you will not experience any risk of infection, as the center fulfills the health compliance conditions at world standards. However, the risk of infection is high in procedures performed in places called under the stairs.

There are no side effects and risks after the right terms and conditions are created.

  • Smoking and alcohol use should be stopped at least 1 week before the hair transplant operation.
  • The use of drugs should be stopped.
  • The use of blood thinners should be stopped at least 1 week before the hair transplant procedure.

  • Since your head will be sensitive after hair transplantation, you should not apply pressure, stay away from hand contact, there may be a risk of infection.
  • You should sleep on your back with raised pillows until the time your doctor recommends.
  • After hair transplantation, you should use the drugs given by your doctor and follow the recommendations completely.
  • You should choose clothes with wide collars.
  • You should not be exposed to the sun's rays and you should not go to the sea, Turkish bath, sauna for at least 15 days.

The fut technique is the first method used in hair transplantation operations and hair transplantation is performed in the form of strips of the hairy area and transfer to the balding area, which causes a horizontal line scar, that is, natural hair transplantation is not possible in the fut method.

The Fue method is a method that has been applied since 2009 and is developing gradually. The hair transplantation process is in the form of taking the seeds of the hair follicles from the donor wise and transferring them to small channels opening to the balding area. Since the channels opened in the Fue method are very minimal, there is no scar when the healing process is completed.

In short, fut is an old and scarce method, while fue is an innovative and traceless method that gives the most natural server.

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