Hair transplantation is a medical and aesthetic procedure that offers a permanent solution to problems such as thinning or baldness in people with hair loss. Hair thinning or baldness occurs due to genetic factors, stress of daily life, aging, various injuries, malnutrition, and some medications used. The permanent solution of these spills is possible with hair transplantation. The transfer of healthy hair follicle seeds (graft) as a result of a special surgical procedure to the area where there is no hair follicle and baldness or to the area where there is thinning is called hair transplantation. The hair follicle is the bottom part of the hair, which is embedded in the fat tissue in the skull and surrounded by hair-producing cells. In these parts, shedding occurs due to genetic and environmental factors. We can find solutions to these problems with hair transplantation.

What Are The Hair Transplantation Methods?

Hair transplant operation is performed by various methods. Considering these methods, the preliminary examination of the specialist and the expectations of the people from hair transplantation, the method with the best results is decided. Determining the right method is very important for hair transplantation to get the most efficient result and be permanent. Some of the most common and permanent hair transplantation methods are as follows;

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Fue method, which is one of the most preferred hair transplantation methods, is preferred for shedding and baldness in large areas. After deciding on the Fue hair transplantation method, the necessary examinations and analyzes are made by the specialist, and if there is no obstacle to the hair transplantation, preliminary preparations for the procedure are started. The procedure, which is performed using local anesthesia, consists of two stages. The first stage is the collection of hair follicle seeds from the anesthetized donor area. The second stage is the opening of channels for the hair follicle seeds collected in the area to be transplanted and the placement of hair follicle seeds in these channels. In the fue hair transplant method performed by experts, the risks such as scarring, bleeding and infection are very low. Fue hair transplantation takes an average of 6-9 hours and 2000-3000 hair follicles are collected in one go.

It is among the methods preferred by women as well as men for hair transplantation.

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

The Fut method is a method based on an old technology used at the beginning of hair transplantation, which is not preferred much today. Fut method is not done by collecting and placing hair root seeds as in fue method. It is the transfer of the scalp taken as a strip to the unselected area to be transplanted. In this method, bleeding occurs more and scars are left, so this method is not used much with the developing technology.

The most preferred method among hair transplantation methods is DHI, that is, unshaven hair transplantation method. It is the ideal application for hair loss and baldness in smaller areas in DHI hair transplantation method. Since there is no shaving process, it is one of the most preferred methods, especially among women. The procedure is a method that is applied by collecting the hair follicle seeds from the determined donor area with the help of a surgical micro-tipped pen called a special choI, and then placing the hair follicle seeds on the area to be transplanted with the same surgical pen, using the same surgical pen. The process takes 6-10 hours and an average of 2000-2500 hair follicle seeds are collected and transferred. Although it is a highly preferred method, it may not be suitable for everyone, and your specialist will make the right decision.

Ice fue method is a method that has attracted attention due to the healthier growth of hair recently. The ice fue method is the same as the fue hair transplant method, the only difference is that the collected hair follicle seeds are placed in a cold solution and preserved after collection. Thanks to this solution, hair root seeds are fed and in the next stage, easier adhesion and healthier growth are provided. Although the operation varies according to the size of the planted area, it takes 2.5 to 3 hours on average.

Hair Transplantation In Women

Hair loss in women is a process that begins with puberty. Environmental factors, nutrition, stress and genetic factors accelerate this shedding process. Women who want to prevent hair loss and want healthy permanent hair apply to hair transplantation method, although not as much as men. Women mostly prefer the forehead narrowing process. For different reasons, especially for thinning or spills in the forehead area, DHI unshaven hair transplantation method is preferred among women.

Hair Transplantation In Men

Hair loss due to genetic predisposition, environmental factors, stress, etc. reaches a permanent solution thanks to hair transplantation. Although the precautions and supportive treatments taken beforehand prolong the hair loss process, they do not provide a complete solution. Permanent solution is possible with hair transplantation. The hair transplant operation, which attracts great attention from men all over the world, is the most natural and permanent method of feeling better visually. Male hair transplantation is applied with different methods according to the size of the area. Especially Dhi, Fue and Ice Fue methods are among the most preferred methods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation

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