Hair Transplant

Fue hair transplantation method, which is among the most preferred hair transplantation methods in the world and in our country, makes it possible for male and female patients to have comfortable natural and permanent hair. Thanks to the local anesthesia application in the Fue hair transplant method, the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. The basic principle of the fue hair transplant method, which has more than one application in itself, is carried out by taking healthy hair follicle seeds from the donor area and placing them into small incisions made into the balding area. In this way, those who experience hair loss or baldness get a permanent and natural solution. With the proven method, it is no longer a dream to have healthy hair without pain.

Fue Hair Transplantation Stages

Fue hair transplantation method consists of certain stages in itself. We will try to explain these stages in detail for you from the beginning to the end. Here are the detailed stages of the fue hair transplant method;

Control Phase

If it is necessary to explain step by step the control phase, which is the provincial phase of the hair transplant operation;

Local Anesthesia Application

At the stage of local anesthesia;

Collection Of Hair Root Seeds

The steps to be taken at this stage are;

Opening The Channels

The processes at this stage are;

Placement Of Hair Root Seeds

The last stage is;

Before Fue Hair Transplant

There are some points that you should pay attention to and apply before the fue hair transplant operation. Complying with the points recommended by your doctor will make your hair transplant operation more successful. Things to consider before fue hair transplant operation;

Things To Consider After Fue Hair Transplant

After FUE hair transplantation, it is normal to experience redness and small amounts of bleeding in the donor area and the area where the hair transplant is applied. The reason for these minor injuries is due to the channels opened for hair transplantation. These canals will heal 15 days after the procedure, starting to crust and shedding. It is very important to pay attention to some points after Fue hair transplantation in order to get permanent results from the hair transplantation operation. Here we list the items you need to pay attention to.

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