Obesity Surgery

It is important to follow a diet before bariatric surgery and prepare the body for surgery. After the operation, your existing diet will change radically. In order for this transition not to be too harsh, it is necessary to diet for a certain period of time. Many foods consumed before the surgery are either not consumed at all or need to be interrupted for a long time. In this process, a diet is applied to avoid difficulties and to prepare the body for surgery. In addition, pre-operative diet provides convenience according to the type of surgery, especially since it will reduce the fat in the abdomen and liver. The diets to be followed before the surgery vary in duration according to the obesity surgery to be performed.

  1. Diet should be started at least 2 or 3 weeks before gastric band surgery.
  2. Tube stomach and gastritis bypass patients should start dieting at least 4 weeks before.

It is very important to have a diet before obesity surgery to prepare your body for the surgery, to heal faster, to lose more weight and to adapt more easily to your diet that will change after the surgery. It is very important to reduce abdominal and liver fat caused by excess weight with diets made before the surgery to minimize possible complications after the operation. Patients who become obese by gaining excessive weight usually have psychological problems such as emotional eating disorder. At this stage, meeting with a specialist psychologist or psychiatrist before the operation will allow you to solve this problem fundamentally. At this point, it will be much easier for those who solve the problem of psychological eating disorder to diet before the operation. The main points you need to pay attention to before the operation are;

The Purpose Of The Diet Applied Before The Operation

The main purpose of the diet applied before bariatric surgery is to reduce the amount of fat present.

Preoperative Nutrition Principle

After obesity surgery, your existing diet will change completely. If needed, you can get treatment from a specialist psychologist before the operation. This process is a bit difficult and is a long road. In order to take firm steps on this road, you should solve your psychological problems before your surgery and apply a diet to get used to your new eating order. In order to adapt to your basic nutritional principles after the operation, you need to start applying these principles in your life before the operation. These nutritional principles are;

Starting to apply these principles in your life before the operation will reduce the risks that may occur during the operation and will make it easier for you to get used to your new diet after the operation. In particular, patients with a BMI of 50 and above should be fed in line with these principles before the operation, which will increase their recovery rate after the operation.

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