Dentistry is a professional group that has been working on people’s oral and dental health for a long time, especially focusing on diagnosis and treatment methods. However, thanks to the advancing technology, new methods are being developed in line with the use of developing materials and the needs of people. One of them is the method of dental aesthetics. Today, dental problems caused by tooth loss or aesthetic concerns that people are exposed to are solved with dental aesthetic applications by using technological advances together with classical methods. Dental aesthetics is a dentistry practice that provides the most beautiful smile by correcting the recession and asymmetrical disorders in the gingiva, ensuring that the teeth and gingiva reach the standards they should be, and by providing the arrangement of worn, discolored, misaligned, broken or stained teeth. The filling materials (gold, silver, mercury) used in tooth losses and fractures experienced in the past are generally metal-containing products, and today these materials have been replaced by composite fillings. Since these filling materials are more suitable for the natural appearance of the teeth, they look much more aesthetically pleasing. With these developing technologies and methods, the first steps of dental aesthetics and aesthetic dentistry have been taken.

What is smile aesthetics?

If you want to live your life more confidently with a warm smile, the most effective method is smile aesthetics.

Smile aesthetics, which forms the basis of aesthetic dentistry, is the process of planning the most beautiful smile in which personal wishes and expectations are combined with function, aesthetics and naturalness. In smile aesthetics, factors such as the patient’s face form and shape, skin color, gender, age, lips, color and arrangement of teeth, and gingival structure are taken into consideration. In line with these factors, different methods such as braces, whitening, porcelain lamina, gingival leveling are applied alone or together as a combined procedure.

What are dental aesthetic methods?

It is a thing of the past to treat tooth loss using only dentures or bridges. Now, thanks to the developing technology, more aesthetic-looking treatments are possible. Let’s examine some of these methods together;

Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium compatible with human tissue. As a result of tooth loss experienced, it is placed in the jawbone by applying a surgical procedure with local anesthesia applied to the area.

It is planned and applied in a period of 3 to 10 days in line with the design of the teeth and the aesthetically special wishes of the person. After the dental implant operation, it takes about 3 months for the implant to fully adapt to the jawbone with the care shown by the person.

Dental Coatings

Tooth loss as a result of caries or injury can be solved by the dental veneer method. Dental veneers are the process of cleaning the decayed teeth, using special materials and taking the mold of the tooth and restoring it. It is healthier to restore the teeth to their old forms instead of losing them completely. Thanks to the dental molds and prostheses taken, the teeth regain their old and aesthetic state. The procedure is generally completed in 3 sessions.

Teeth Whitening

Dark spots occur as a result of filling the gaps in the teeth that are too small to be seen with the eyes, such as cigarettes, alcohol, tea, coffee, etc. The process of cleaning these stains without damaging the upper layer of the teeth is called teeth whitening. The teeth whitening process may take several sessions depending on the existing structure of the teeth. The structure of the teeth is lightened by 2-3 tons according to the age and first color of the patient.

Braces And Clear Plaques

Gum Aesthetics (Pink Aesthetics)

In some people, it can cause aesthetic discomfort if the gums appear more than normal at the time of smile or if the gums shorten the tooth size. The solution to this situation is gingival aesthetics. Gum aesthetics is the method of removing excess gums by cutting with special laser devices. Thanks to the developing technology, this process can be done painlessly and with very little bleeding. Thanks to laser devices, the recovery time after the procedure is very short.

Porcelain Laminate

Porcelain laminate application is one of the most popular methods of aesthetic dentistry in recent years. Lamina application is a method that can be applied to teeth with slight crossing, those with slack between teeth, short teeth, teeth with fractures on the tooth surface and those who do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment. Porcelain laminates, which are specially produced according to the person’s teeth and mouth structure, are applied by placing the tooth surface on the surface with little or no abrasion. Porcelain laminate application provides a high degree of aesthetic satisfaction.

Composite Laminate (Bonding)

Gaps may occur between the teeth for different reasons. With composite laminate, these gaps are removed and your dental aesthetics is also ensured. Composite laminate, also known as bonding, can be applied for cavities up to a certain amount and for deep stains on the teeth. With this method, you can have aesthetic teeth in a short time.

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