After Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Aesthetic surgery operations, which have become widespread recently, are now giving much more successful results with the developing technology. Those who have problems in terms of aesthetics or health are hesitant about having aesthetic and plastic surgery. By trying to answer the questions that come to the mind of many people for you, […]

About Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery is the name given to the operations that cover the aesthetic appearance of a part of the body or all the changes made to solve the existing health problem. If the person is not aesthetically satisfied with his appearance or due to illness, accident, congenital problems, problem areas on the face […]

What Diseases Does Plastic Surgery Treat?

Plastic Surgery With plastic surgery methods, deformities in any part of the body, injuries caused by trauma or conditions that cause health problems can be solved. Contrary to popular belief, plastic surgery does not only perform aesthetic operations. Congenital or acquired deformities, tissue loss or dysfunction of the limbs are treated with plastic surgery operations. […]

What is Plastic Surgery?

The oldest recorded information about plastic surgery is based on a medical document from ancient Egypt. Here we talk about fixing a broken nasal bone. As we can understand, the application of plastic surgery dates back to ancient times. Today, it is at a much more advanced level with developing medical and technological innovations. Recently, […]