After Obesity Surgery

Obesity Surgery There are some points you should pay attention to after bariatric surgery. Paying attention to these points will make it easier for the operation to be successful and for you to reach your target weight. These points should be paid attention to in order to protect your physical health and not be harmed. […]

About Obesity Surgery

Obesity Surgery Obesity is the condition of gaining excessive weight as a result of genetic predispositions, not doing sports and exercising, and malnutrition. Obesity is considered a disease due to the decrease in quality of life and health problems due to diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, fatty liver caused by excess weight. Those with […]

Diet Before Obesity Surgery

Obesity Surgery It is important to follow a diet before bariatric surgery and prepare the body for surgery. After the operation, your existing diet will change radically. In order for this transition not to be too harsh, it is necessary to diet for a certain period of time. Many foods consumed before the surgery are […]

What is Obesity Surgery?

Obesity is the name given to the accumulation of excess fat in the body. Increasing adipose tissue in the body disrupts the hormonal balance of the body and causes more weight gain. The increased amount of fat causes the deterioration of body health, the inability of organs to perform their functions and the formation of […]