Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery operations, which have become widespread recently, are now giving much more successful results with the developing technology. Those who have problems in terms of aesthetics or health are hesitant about having aesthetic and plastic surgery. By trying to answer the questions that come to the mind of many people for you, we aim to find clear answers to the questions that occur in your mind and that you are not sure about. You can also decide on the operations you plan to do by finding answers to your questions.

Will there be any scars after plastic surgery?

Since aesthetic surgeries are surgical procedures, incisions and stitches are made. After each incision and suture procedure, more or less scars remain. Incisions are made from the places where the scars can be hidden, according to the area where the procedures are performed, so that the scars are not visible to the naked eye.

Is there a difference between aesthetic stitching and normal stitching?

The suture method known as aesthetic suture is actually the suture method used in all plastic surgery operations. All stitches made with the technique and material suitable for the region are aesthetic stitches.

What is the golden ratio?

The term golden ratio, which has been on everyone’s tongue in recent years, expresses the most ideal face shape mathematically in the face area. Plastic surgery is based on natural harmony.

What is breast lift surgery? To whom does it apply?

Breast lift surgery is the process of removing the excess skin of the breasts that have lost their sagging upturned form, either genetically or after birth, to make them upright. If the breast is large, the excess tissue is removed and the breast is lifted. If the breast is small, the breast is lifted by applying silicone. If there is no special situation, it can be applied to those over the age of 18 and those who do not have an obstacle to surgery.

Is it necessary to replace the breast prosthesis in the future?

If there is no problem in your breast augmentation surgery, there is no need to change your breast prosthesis.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breasts that are large enough to cause neck and back pain due to weight gain can be solved by reduction surgery. Those who are seriously disturbed by the formation of redness under the breast and the pressure of the bra straps in hot weather prefer breast reduction surgery.

Who can have breast reduction surgery?

If the size of the breasts bothers the person aesthetically and functionally, if there is pain in the neck and back, and if the person is over the age of 18, breast reduction surgery can be performed.

Does breast reduction surgery cause cancer?

There is scientific evidence that granny reduction surgeries cause cancer. The piece taken in breast surgeries is routinely sent for pathological examination. Surgery does not cause cancer, but if there is a cancer in the breast, it is possible to find out in this test.

Can a baby be breastfed with a silicone breast?

The answer to the question, “Can I breastfeed with a silicone breast,” which is the first question that comes to the mind of women who are or want to be a mother, is yes. Silicone is in a structure that will not harm either the mother or the baby.

Do silicones explode?

Silicones are subjected to many tests from the production stage and their durability is measured. In the tests conducted, there was no explosion in the silicone products, although they were exposed to the pressure that a normal person would have problems when exposed to.

What are the most common plastic surgery surgeries?

Today, plastic surgery operations for aesthetic and health purposes are becoming more and more common. If there is a functional or aesthetic problem in any part of the body, this can be solved by plastic surgery. The most preferred plastic aesthetic surgery procedures are;

  1. Rhinoplasty: Those who have problems in the size or internal structure of the nose often undergo nose surgery for aesthetics and health.
  2. Liposuction: Those who have regional adiposity problems can achieve ideal weight and appearance with liposuction.
  3. Facelift: With the effect of aging, problems such as sagging and wrinkles in the face area are solved by facelift surgery.
  4. Eyelid: Genetic factors or accidental sagging of the eyelids are resolved by removing excess skin.
  5. Breast enlargement: Those who have small breasts or have sagging breasts after birth can achieve the desired appearance with breast augmentation.

Hip lift (BBL) surgery

Butt lift surgeries, which have been popular lately, are the choice of those who want to have a smaller butt or a more voluminous butt. Thanks to this procedure, while the butt is enlarged, fat is removed from the abdominal region, thus the abdominal region is also thinned.

What is private area aesthetics?

Some people have deformities in the lip of the vagina. Although it does not pose a problem in terms of health, when the person does not feel well in terms of aesthetics, those parts are reduced by surgery. The procedure is usually performed using local anesthesia.

Is there an age limit for plastic surgery?

One of the most curious about plastic surgery is the question of whether there is an age limit. If the procedure to be done is in a size that threatens the health of the person, the operation is performed by obtaining family approval for those under the age of 18. However, if there is no health problem, the age limit of 18 should be expected. Nose surgeries can be performed between the ages of 16-17 in women and 17-18 in men.

How many hours does plastic surgery take?

Plastic surgery is a very comprehensive field. Many health-related and aesthetic surgeries are performed in this area. This also changes the duration of the transactions. In the operations to be performed, there are sometimes procedures that take 15 minutes with local anesthesia. While nose surgeries take between 1 hour and 4 hours depending on the condition of the person, some extensive operations may take much longer hours. A clear answer to this question cannot be given. The duration of the operation varies according to the procedure to be applied to the person.

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