In recent years, dental aesthetics has started to be performed frequently due to problems arising from aesthetic perceptions, apart from health problems. For those who have oral and dental health problems, the problem is solved by a specialist dentist with many methods. Those who do not have a problem in oral and dental health, whose teeth are not white, who have curvature in the tooth alignment, who have gaps between their teeth, or who do not like the appearance of their teeth, can solve their problems with dental aesthetics and feel happier. However, this process can sometimes be a long and difficult journey. The first thing to do for those who want to have dental aesthetics is to work with an experienced and talented dentist and his team. This choice is the most essential for you to meet your expectations and be happy. There are more than one question in the minds of those who have oral and dental health or aesthetic concerns. We will try to give you the most accurate answers to the questions you have in mind. Here are the most frequently asked questions in the field of dental aesthetics.

Is The Teeth Whitening Effect Permanent?

Teeth whitening is an application whose effect decreases over time. While the teeth colors of the people are related to their own bone structures, the teeth are whitened up to 2-3 tons with the teeth whitening process. The use of substances such as tea, coffee and cigarettes consumed in your daily life causes the teeth to turn yellow and the effect of the teeth whitening process to decrease. In people who consume more such products, the effect of teeth whitening decreases between 6 and 1 year.

Do Porcelain Laminate Teeth Turn Yellow?

Porcelain laminated teeth have a slippery, stain-proof structure due to their special structure. Thanks to its special structure, even if you do not pay much attention to your oral care, you will not have a problem such as yellowing when products such as tea and coffee are used.

How Much Are Porcelain Laminated Teeth Used?

Porcelain laminated teeth are used for many years if careful oral and dental care is provided. Porcelain laminate teeth, which are more durable than other tooth making techniques thanks to their special structure and bonding technique, are resistant to staining, abrasion and breakage. If you pay attention while eating hard foods, take care of your mouth and teeth, and don’t try to open things with your teeth, you can use your porcelain laminate teeth for many years.

How Many Sessions Does The Laminate Coating Process Take?

If there is no aesthetic ordering problem in your existing teeth and there is no need for treatment in your gums, the laminate veneer process may take 2 or 3 sessions, spread over an average of 1 week.

Are Dental Aesthetics Durable?

With the developing technology, dental treatment techniques produced with new materials are becoming more durable and functional. Aesthetic dental materials, the content of which has been developed, provides durable, aesthetic and healthy use suitable for long use.

What Happens To The Underlying Teeth When The Teeth Are Completely Veneered?

In cases where all the teeth in the mouth are completely covered, the question that comes to mind is what will happen to the teeth below. Do not worry, since the veneers made exactly to your teeth will adhere completely to the tooth surface, no bacteria or decay conditions occur on the teeth below.

Is Porcelain Veneer Applied To Every Tooth?

Porcelain veneer treatment can be applied to those who do not have an obstacle to tooth formation in general health, who have completed their oral development and physical development, and those who have a deficiency in the anterior incisors with suitable bone structure or who have a single tooth deficiency.

Do Porcelain Teeth Fall Out ?

Thanks to the developing technological innovations, the products used for bonding are now much more durable. If you work with a talented doctor, you will not have a problem such as falling out of the teeth.

How Many Sessions Does Teeth Whitening Take?

Teeth whitening procedures are usually performed in a single session, but in some cases, it is applied in 2 sessions according to the need. The process, which takes 45 minutes on average, is completed in a single session if there is no extra problem.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Teeth Whitening?

Since all the products and materials used during the teeth whitening process are PDA approved products, they do not have any side effects on your oral and physical health.

What Is Smile Design?

Visually unpleasant images may occur on existing teeth, gums and lips. In some patients, the gums may be too low, there may be gaps between the teeth, and the lips may turn inward or outward too much due to the closing of the teeth. At this point, you can find a solution to your aesthetic concerns with a smile aesthetic design. You can have a perfect smile with smile design aesthetics by changing the level of your gums and teeth, filling the gaps between them and eliminating the asymmetries that occur while smiling.

How Many Sessions Does Smile Design Take?

The duration of smile design aesthetic procedures may vary from person to person. The expectations of the person who wants to have a smile design should be clearly expressed and the physician should inform them whether they are suitable for the mouthpiece. With the right doctor selection, your expectations from the procedure can be resolved with the most appropriate method for your oral health. Although there are changes according to people and needs, smile design aesthetic sessions last between 2 and 15 days on average.

Do Veneers Adapt To The Gums?

All materials used in dental aesthetic procedures are produced from materials that do not harm your oral and physical health and adapt to your gums. Thanks to the use of approved materials, your gums will not be harmed and you will not experience problems such as bleeding or gum recession. Prostheses produced with the newly developed technology ensure that the purple appearance of the gingival root, which is experienced in the old metal prostheses, is no longer present. Your gums will look very healthy with newly developed prostheses and veneers.

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